What is Energy Healing?

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Many of us have been hearing this term Energy Healing or Vibrational Medicine, but we don’t know quite right what it really is and how it works. Many of us also think that it is superstition or quackery, and do not pay much attention to it. Well my friends, let me tell you that you are in for a big surprise!!!. This type of healing is the most important one for our bodies. Why? Let me explain.

As time has passed, and progress and evolution has taken place in the medical field, we have totally forgotten that our body lives, grows and heals through energy. The energy that exists within us and the whole Universe. When you break a leg, you go to the doctor, and he/she puts a cast on to help the bone reconnect itself and heal. What is it in reality that connects and repairs the bone? It is not the Doctor that helped you. He does not go into the bone and paste it together. It is the energy which exists within you that helps the bone heal. I am not knocking the Doctors or Hospitals down, thank God for them. Everything serves its purpose but we must not blind ourselves and forget who we are.

The body has twelve centers from which it receives energy and transports it into our bodies, in order for all the bodily functions to take place. These centers have also been called chakras. This fact has been known for thousands of years but has been forgotten by most. These Centers get contaminated and if they are not cleansed, that contamination stays in our body and causes sickness. Why does it cause sickness? Because it does not allow clean energy to enter our bodies and therefore; our system runs with contaminated energy until it fails. Each center rules certain organs and muscles. When a person can’t or won’t heal, this is the reason. Their energy centers are very contaminated. Take Acupuncture for instance. It releases congested energy that is found in the meridians or energy channels in the body, by putting needles in certain points that exist within our bodies. They serve like an escape route for congested or contaminated energy within our bodies to get out. Pranic Healing is also very effective. It cleanses the energy centers or chakras, gets rid of contaminated energy and regenerates the body with new clean energy. It is very effective for psychological stress as well.

We are susceptible to contamination. If you know that everything is energy in a vibrational form, then you realize that thoughts are a vibration. Vibrations travel, especially if they have an intention. Your thoughts and the thoughts of others can contaminate your energy centers or chakras. Environmental pollutants and chemicals can also contaminate them, among other things. This is the reason why we should keep our energy centers or chakras clean.This should be a main objective. I hope some day Doctors will adopt these methods and use them along with theirs. We are not just a material mass, we are pure energy in a vibrational form. In conclusion, everyone should realize how important it is to keep our bodies receiving clean energy, for its proper function and well being.


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