Beyond services such as divorce, custody, alimony, child relationships, statement of disability, child abuse, etc., that a professional law consultant can provide a citizen before the courts and administrative agencies, a family legal counsel provides a range of services and advice that can help us through all stages of our lives.

  1. Advises couples who plan to marry on the various alternatives that exist on the economic regime that will govern their marriage. This regime is established by signing and execution of a deed on marriage contracts.
  2. It gives advice to citizens especially parents of minors and / or children with disabilities on how to protect the economic welfare of these in case one or both parents are not available and / or have died. Among some of the alternatives is the creation of trusts studies and to provide support to people who, even after reaching the age of majority can not manage their property.
  3. Advice citizens on alternatives they have to delegate some powers in favor of a person of his/her total and absolute confidence such as spouse, children, siblings, and others to make decisions on their behalf and dispose of their property in case that is not available and/or become disabled at some point in their lives. This can be achieved through the signing and execution of a deed of power and/or a Durable Power of Attorney.  On the granting of a Durable Power of Attorney, people avoid their relatives and close associates to resort to a Court to apply for a disability process which usually is also very painful, in a judicial process that involves experts testimony which makes the process not only difficult, but expensive.
  4. Advises citizens how to distribute their goods and giving expression to his/her will through the various options of a will.
  5. Guides its clients about documents that can be written to protect their welfare and that of their loved ones without having to resort to a Court in search of a remedy and / or initiate processes that besides being expensive, divide and lacerate sometimes family ties.

In summary, the use of the services of a family legal counsel can be as varied as situations may exist in relationships between couples, parents and children. It is worth consulting.

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Emma Marie Lozada Ramírez Esq.

Attorney at Law, Family Law Consultant