Your Thyroid is not well. It is excellent!

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medical illustration of the thyroid gland

Those were the words of my doctor today, after reviewing the laboratories results of my thyroid.

A few years ago my doctor, Mayra Soto Goitía, diagnosed a mild thyroid condition and prescribed a medication to control it. I had always followed my doctor’s advice, since her first option is to find a natural treatment.  I took the medication for less than a year and then decided there had to be another alternative. I do not like the side effects that drugs can cause, especially those that you do not know are happening.

I heard in a lecture, the fabulous Andrea Beaman and learned that she, with adequate food, managed to heal completely a severe thyroid condition, which doctors said was incurable. As a Health Coach, I wanted to learn more about how to improve the whole hormonal system with food, and decided to experiment with myself.

Today, after six months of following my own advices, as I learned at IIN, with Andrea Beaman, and Doctors Sara Gottfried and Libby Weaver, I can repeat what my doctor confirmed to me, my thyroid is not good, it is excellent. And the side effects are that I have had more energy and have lost a few pounds without dieting.

Do you have a thyroid condition? Do you want to feel better naturally? Do you want to lose weight and do not know how? I can help you!

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