Your Skin is a Reflection of Your Health

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Your skin is a reflection of your health.  A blemish on your skin can be a sign of an imbalance due to either nutrition, a hormone change, genetics or the environment.  Notice I say an imbalance due to nutrition and not to bad nutrition.  A food that can be good or healthy for one person can be poison for another person.

When you go to the dermatologist because you have a blemish or some skin condition like acne, you will usually receive some type of ointment or medication without first investigating the cause of the condition.  Your body is wise.  If you listen to it, your body will tell you where this imbalance is at.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda use the skin or face map to associate each part of your body or organ to determine which part of your body requires of your attention, depending on the skin condition you might have or where your acne is on your face.

In the Seminar Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside, as a Health Coach, I will be explaining how to interpret what your skin is trying to tell you and give you some nutritional advices that will help clean your body and allow your skin to look healthy.  If your skin looks healthy is because your body is healthy as well.  The goal is to get to the root cause and not to hide the symptom.

In this Seminar, makeup artist of famous actors, Marielena Ramírez, will advice us on how to apply makeup so we look better and which tools are best for us, while Ma Prem Bhama, Heal Your Life Coach, will give us some exercises to strengthen and beautify our spirits while we apply makeup.

We will see you on Sunday, May 1st at the Esfera Dorada in Cupey,  from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Reserve Now

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