Yizette Cifredo

I describe the methodology of Coaching by Values, with Misael Pérez, with three words: useful, friendly and effective. I am very thankful because I have a functional tool for my life, for my profession and to impact lives. Give yourself a chance.

Yizette Cifredo - San Juan PR

Nilsa  Camareno

Misael Pérez is innovative, different and uses empirical evidence practices that positively reinforce how to generate a goal plan.

Nilsa Camareno - San Juan PR

Omayra Torres

The methodology of Coaching by Values allows you to work with all kinds of population in different scenarios. It is beneficial for my life and that way I can connect with others effectively.

Omayra Torres - San Juan PR

Gio Robles

I definitely recommend it! It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to make great and deep discoveries to apply both in the day to day and in the project and the plan that you have proposed to generate achievements and Goals. Excellent!

Gio Robles - San Juan PR

Lymari Díaz

I recommend it for children, teenagers, families and work teams, among others. Simply invites you to reflect on how you want to live your life.

Lymari Díaz - San Juan PR

Marisel Lebrón

It’s definitely an experience that will order your life. Many times we dream and we only need to discover how to achieve it. It is an experience that one should experience.

Marisel Lebrón - San Juan PR

Edu Emilia Sáez

I recommend it for counselors, psychologists and health professionals.

Edu Emilia Sáez - San Juan PR