I have been a client of Mariely Sylvette during this year of her career services. She has excelled my standards, not only she has demonstrated her mastery in the career field, but, she has added a tremendous value to my professional career. It feels so good when you found an expert like her, who understand your needs and deliver an outstanding job.

Juan González, MBA - PR

I am writing to let you know that all of the goals I had, that I saw impossible at the time I took your workshop, I fulfilled them all. This workshop helped me so much and I thank you a thousand times! I don’t know if you remember that on my goal list I had, 1. Have my own company 2. Make so much money with my company that I could help my family 3. Be a makeup artist 4. Buy a Louis Vuitton briefcase I have been wishing for since 2012. I fulfilled all my goals and I honestly feel that the workshop helped me. Even though it has been two years since the workshop, all knowledge is fresh in my mind. I wish you a lot of success and thanks again.

V.A. Vázquez - Florida

Miguel Martínez

Mariely has provided with a great deal of Social Media knowledge, particularly with LinkedIn, where her expertise has helped many people improve their personal and business profile pages. I have reached Mariely on many occasions for her unbiased feedback on marketing content and executions.

Miguel Martínez - PR

Carmen Figueroa Cátala

Recently, I registered in the course, Optimize your LinkedIn, given by Mariely and I was very satisfied. I’m still in the process of making the improvements and I’m getting very good results. Mariely is accessible and has complete knowledge of the subject. I recommend her as an expert on this topic.

Carmen Figueroa Cátala - San Juan, PR