Miami, FL |

Pranic Healing was a foreign concept to me when I was first introduced to it. Although foreign, I knew was definitely open to exploring it and receiving its benefits, if any. I was surprised to see the impact it had on my overall energy levels and emotional state. During moments of great anxiety and uncertainty within, I was able to experience a sense of peace and serenity following sessions of Pranic Healing and for days to come. I experienced these same sensations on various occasions where I sought Pranic Healing as a means to help my overall emotional state. It is difficult to put into words exactly the feelings I experienced when Pranic Healing was utilized to help me, I think it is something you have to experience on your own to grasp the full of effect of its influence on your energy levels and emotional shortcomings. I can humbly say I am grateful that I was open to Pranic Healing when I needed it the most.