Miami, FL |

The first time I received Pranic Healing I did not have expectations, and I thought it was not going to work.  I had been with a severe muscle spasm for a week, and I could not move my head, and even the most subtle moves were extremely painful.  Even after visiting a chiropractor and a massage therapist, the spasm was still there.  Even though I was in Miami and Tere in Puerto Rico, Tere did a Pranic Healing session that lasted approximately 20 minutes.  Immediately after the session, even though the pain persisted, I was able to move my head, and even look towards the back, something that was completely impossible.  During the next few days, the spam was completely gone, since the energy flow allowed my body to heal itself quicker.  After this wonderful first experience with Pranic Healing, I have had five more sessions with Tere.  For example, the sessions have helped me reduce stress, heal a sore throat in two days, after running a fever one night.  Tere is spectacular and I recommend Pranic Healing to anyone!