Good vibes, place of peace and blessing. I wanted to tell you that today I grew much more. I shed so much and thank you for not having created expectations of what I would find there. I have one more tool to help in my life and of others. I had never been able to connect with my inner self in this way and so fast. Today I could see me beyond, where I deserve to be. Thank you, Yesenia, for the opportunity and this portal of light into our lives.

Jessica - San Juan, PR

Gracias a Yesenia por compartir tus conocimientos y ofrecernos una hermosa tarde de pura conexión Divina. A mí me encantó. Aprendí y conecté de forma extraordinaria. Tu presentación fue súper colorida e interesante. Me encantó y si hay más me apunto. Namaste!

Thanks to Yesenia for sharing your knowledge and offering a beautiful afternoon of pure Divine connection. I loved it. I learned and connected in an extraordinary way. Your presentation was super colorful and interesting. I loved it and if there is more, count me in. Namaste!

Sonia - San Juan, PR

Thanks Yesenia, for facilitating this experience of self-knowledge and spiritual growth. For me it was an opportunity to pursue those topics without pressure, flowing, lovingly and without being criticized.

Magali - San Juan, PR

Thank you Yesenia, this is the second time I take the Healing Chart workshop and I found new things to support my healing and spiritual evolution processes. I want more…when is the next one?

Aixa - Guaynabo, PR

The Chart with Pendulum workshop was revealing for me, and using the Young Living essential oils provoked my body to feel better. Thanks for transmitting your knowledge with the love that irradiates from your body. Blessings!

Zenaida - Río Piedras, PR

La experiencia de constelar con la asistencia de Yesenia ha sido el paso inicial de un proceso que decidi emprender de sanación familiar. Constelar fue muy significativo para comprender la raíz de heridas y dinámicas familiares. El mismo dia de la constelación comencé a ver y sentir el movimiento de energía, muy positivo. Conciente de que es un trabajo constante me da una inmensa tranquilidad contar con Yesenia como recurso.

Carla - San Juan

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Cris - Bayamón, PR

My experience doing Yoga with Yesenia has allowed me to connect with personal issues I need to work on. Through the body and the postures I have become conscious of how to create balance between inhaling and exhaling, has allowed me to be conscious of the importance of receiving, not only giving. Feeling pain in some parts of my body has made me conscious of the lack of flexibility, not only of the physical body but of the mind as well. It is a new conscious of the body and this has brought well being, harmony and a feeling of being centered.

Belén - Bayamón, PR