I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious trying to balance my busy school schedule and my life outside.  I do several things to relieve my stress, such as meditation, yoga, walks in nature, and receive body work, but there was something I was feeling that wasn’t being helped by the things that usually help.  So I decided to try Pranic Healing, something I had never experienced before.

I was a little bit nervous not knowing what to expect, but once the session started I felt my body relax and I felt so much trust with Tere.  Afterwards I felt peaceful and balanced and back in my body.  It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to other people.

Isabel - San Francisco, CA

I received Pranic Healing to decrease a muscular-skeletal pain I had in my neck and shoulder.  It was the first time receiving it for this purpose, usually I get PH for emotional purpose.  The pain was too strong and not much was helping.  The pain was waking me up in early hours and regardless of the position I put my neck (laying down or sitting) the pain was so strong, tears were coming down my eyes.  Being in California, I called Tere in Puerto Rico to see if she could help me.  She immediately said yes.  She started giving me PH and in a matter of minutes I felt so much better.  The pain was still there, but the horrible pain was no longer there.  Next day I had a massage and received another PH session.  There was already a great improvement.  I then went to my Chiropractor and received another PH session, and a few days later there was no pain whatsoever.

I would request this service again for sure.  What a better way to be in harmony?  The fact that Pranic Healing can help move the energy that is stuck in my body, seems very important.  I would recommend it to everyone. 

Stephanie - San Francisco, CA

Tere is an incredible healer. She has the perfect combination, dealing with the mind and negative thinking, and cleansing your centres where your energy enters the body. This is something everyone must do.

Boni - San Juan, PR

Pranic Healing was a foreign concept to me when I was first introduced to it. Although foreign, I knew was definitely open to exploring it and receiving its benefits, if any. I was surprised to see the impact it had on my overall energy levels and emotional state. During moments of great anxiety and uncertainty within, I was able to experience a sense of peace and serenity following sessions of Pranic Healing and for days to come. I experienced these same sensations on various occasions where I sought Pranic Healing as a means to help my overall emotional state. It is difficult to put into words exactly the feelings I experienced when Pranic Healing was utilized to help me, I think it is something you have to experience on your own to grasp the full of effect of its influence on your energy levels and emotional shortcomings. I can humbly say I am grateful that I was open to Pranic Healing when I needed it the most.

Mary - Miami, FL

The first time I received Pranic Healing I did not have expectations, and I thought it was not going to work.  I had been with a severe muscle spasm for a week, and I could not move my head, and even the most subtle moves were extremely painful.  Even after visiting a chiropractor and a massage therapist, the spasm was still there.  Even though I was in Miami and Tere in Puerto Rico, Tere did a Pranic Healing session that lasted approximately 20 minutes.  Immediately after the session, even though the pain persisted, I was able to move my head, and even look towards the back, something that was completely impossible.  During the next few days, the spam was completely gone, since the energy flow allowed my body to heal itself quicker.  After this wonderful first experience with Pranic Healing, I have had five more sessions with Tere.  For example, the sessions have helped me reduce stress, heal a sore throat in two days, after running a fever one night.  Tere is spectacular and I recommend Pranic Healing to anyone!


Cristina - Miami, FL