Having Milagros as a coach has helped me incredibly. Not only has she taught me to see my mistakes, but to accept them and not to worry, instead to do something about it.  Milagros has given me confidence, love, respect, security and honesty. One can tell she lives what she teaches,  something very difficult to find. I can easily say that I have never had an unconditional support like that of Milagros. She never forces you to make a decision, nor does pushes you to do something you don’t want. She gives you options but does not assume, because she knows that we ourselves have the answer.

CS - Puerto Rico

In a difficult moment I slipped into despair. My thoughts and emotions got out of control. I didn’t understand why things had happened the way they did.

Sharing and expressing myself with Millie was to find a friendly voice – full of understanding and empathy. I was able to identify the moments they left footprints, so I could face them.

The way I got to see the situations were replaced by Millie’s touch, someone with great optimism and love.  I was able to see the whys. I believed in me and I thank Milagros Santos-Díaz for believing in me from the beginning.


MC - Puerto Rico