I had the opportunity and the joy of being able to cross with Julianna Elizondo in Puerto Rico. My partner and I had been very distant for a long time and we were looking for help to save our relationship.
We did individual sessions and as a couple with Julianna.

At first I felt uncomfortable with the idea because it was difficult to recognize and process various details of my behavior that were not positively contributing. However, Julianna put things in perspective in a very easy way to understand, which greatly encouraged me to move forward.

My boyfriend and I walked this stage together, expanding the communication, supporting each other with compassion to understand that we need each other to enter into full harmony. Everything was improving and our sexuality was balanced by an organic and above all fun and flirtatious.

Today we are very happy, continue with our commitment to make a life together, and we are enjoying it to its fullest.

If you need to revisit your relationship to refine details of it, I recommend Julianna and you will see that everything will change for the better.

Laura - San Juan, PR

When we decided that we needed help, it was because although we had a relationship for more than 3 years, Catalina’s parents did not know that she was gay or that we were a couple. She did not want to tell him for fear of the special reaction of the mother, and I did not want to hide anymore. That was bringing us many problems and we were already not wanted to be together intimately. We met the Couples Coach and Sexologist, Julianna, in an empowerment workshop and we loved the way she dealt with issues that even for oneself are difficult to address at times. We approached her, we were in 6 sessions where the individual empowerment of Catalina and mine was the main thing. We realized that the problem was not only what we thought the mother or Catherine’s father would say when they found out we were a couple, it was also how we looked at ourselves, what made us not want to face that communication. It was amazing to see that when we were honest with ourselves, even our sexuality changed and now our intimacy feels more honest too. We liked the process very much and our coach Julianna was excellent. We recommend it always.

Rocío y Catalina - Miami, FL

Our experience with the Sexologist and Couples Coach Julianna Elizondo was surprisingly satisfying, especially for me since I was not very convinced of wanting to talk to anyone about my sexual problems, but my wife insisted and in the end we went. Not only did we find the formula to communicate better, but Tati managed to relax more at the time of sex and that made us enjoy it more. For my part, I stopped assuming things about our sexuality and began to listen more to my wife’s body. We both feel more committed to our marriage and our sexuality and we are definitely much more satisfied with it. We recommend it to 100 and we always appreciate your follow-up calls. We always tell her that she is already part of the family.

Tati y Arturo - San Juan, PR