Excellent very good tools and very practical at the time of teaching and interacting with our children.

Johana Carrasquel - San Juan PR

Two days of workshop!  What a wonderful experience! An extremely enriching experience that exceeded my expectations. I take from this workshop a load of tools very useful to apply positive discipline with my children and in school.  I highly recommend Disciplina Positiva’s workshops. Until next time!

Aila Cintrón - San Juan PR

Ivonne is excellent! Her workshops allow you to look within those wishes and fears that make you the person that you are and how you treat others, either children, relatives, spouse, friends, etc…  Ivonne gave the workshop to a group of parents and youth leaders, which I had the honor of assisting and I recommend 100%. Nobody is perfect and we need good tools to lead better with life’s circumstances.  Disciplina Positiva is a valuable tool.

Jessy de León - San Juan PR

We had the opportunity of participating, as a couple, in Disciplina Positiva Connection’s workshop. We acquired new knowledge, skills and tools. It was such a success, we recommend all to participate of future events. Blessings to Moni and Ivonne, today’s resources.


Mireysa Santiago - San Juan PR