Mariely Sylvette Martínez

Career Consultant & Professional Branding Coach

Mariely Sylvette Martínez is a Professional Branding Coach and a Senior Career Consultant who works with professionals and executives to re-define their personal branding and career objectives to land their most ideal jobs or career paths.

She has supported professionals to transition into more rewarding careers with significant income increases. Since 2006, she has been coaching, empowering, and mentoring individuals with their branding, career and entrepreneurship decisions, and leadership development as well as other professional goals. 

Mariely holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management. She is a certified Mentor Coach from CoachArt Institute and a certified Trainer for The Success Principles. Her experience includes over 15 years in leadership and management roles in various organizations.

King Bird Innovation Center Universidad del Este Carolina PR


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