Presents with bitter taste

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Tomorrow the collective festivity #5 of 2017 is celebrated, in which money is the main character. This without counting birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, baptisms and other events that we celebrate individually.

Tomorrow, many will be honoring biological or foster mothers through material gifts and no there is nothing wrong with that. However, in a society highly commercialized and hypnotized with excessive consumerism, I invite you to reflect:

Will you be giving gifts within your real economic possibilities or will you have to resort to credit or debt for this?

Will this gift be a way to give continuity to the love and care you have been giving throughout the year, or is it a way to compensate for what you have not bred so far?

Will this gift be what she really craves and needs, or is a way to seek recognition from others?

Is it a gift from the heart or just from your pocket?

These are strong questions, when answered with honesty and with the right attitude oblige us to reflect on what lies behind our actions, our true motives.

Allow for what we give today, does not become tomorrow's regret. Let's handle our finances wisely. Let's celebrate!