What is a podcast?

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You may have already seen the announcements of our new podcast in Spanish, "Bienestar HOY ". Better yet, I hope you've already heard some episodes. We have met many people who have doubts about what is a podcast, and how we can benefit and enjoy this technological resource.

We include here simple information that we hope can clarify those doubts. If you have any other questions, or if you think that we do not explain clearly, write or leave us a comment at the end of the article. With pleasure, we'll clarify your doubts.

What is a podcast?

In simple terms, a podcast is like a radio program that you can listen to over the Internet. It is simply an audio recording that is published in a place on the Internet, and then distributed to other places, platforms or programs where you can listen to it. In general terms, podcast refers to the program, for example "Nos Cambiaron los Muñequitos!".  Episode, refers to each published session of the program. In our case, these are the steps we follow when creating an episode of "Bienestar HOY":

  • Recording: We meet, or communicate at a distance, with a guest and record an interview
  • Editing and processing: To that recording we add the presentation or introduction, music and other details. Finally, it is an audio file, an episode of the podcast.
  • Publication: Upload or put the audio file on a platform or Web site, in our case LibSyn. Here you host (hosting), store, and publish the audio file.
  • Distribution: Normally, people do not listen to the episode directly from the website where it is published. They use programs like iTunes, Overcast, Google Play, Stitcher or Spotify. All these programs simply connect to LibSyn and each time a new episode appears, the programs register it and show it on their lists. If you are subscribed to a podcast, the programs will let you know that there is a new episode that you can download and listen to.
  • Listening: The advantage of using programs like itunes, Overcast, Google Play, Stitcher or Spotify to listen to the episodes of the podcast is that they facilitate the process of enjoying the podcast. They allow you to download it to your Smartphone and listen to it in your vehicle, while you exercise, in your home and in other circumstances.
  • What are the advantages?

    Podcasting is a growing content format, or medium of information publishing. One of the reasons for its growth is the advantages it provides to those who listen to it:

  • It's portable. You can listen to it on your Smartphone and wherever you take it.
  • You can listen to it at any time, maintaining continuity even when you have to pause it.
  • They're free.
  • You can choose the topics that interest you.
  • They can be a tool for learning, growth, motivation and other goals that you decide to follow.
  • If you choose properly, the podcasts can substitute listening to the radio, or to read publications and books, or watch television. They can also be incorporated as a tool to establish new habits of growth and learning.

    How can I listen to it?

    According to the device you are going to use primarily to listen to a podcast, is the program or platform that you can choose to do:iTunes – If you use Apple products (IPhone, IPad, Mac computer), this is an alternative to listening to podcasts. In iTunes, make sure you choose the option to listen to podcasts instead of music.

  • Podcast App – If you're using portable Apple products, there is an application for listening exclusively to podcasts.
  • Google Play – If you use Android-type portable devices, you can use the Google Play program to listen to and subscribe to podcasts.
  • The following are programs that can work on several platforms (IOS, Android, etc.) and allow you to listen to podcasts regardless of the type of Smartphone you use:
    • Overcast
    • Stitcher
    • Spotify
    • FM Player
  • Finally, each podcast usually has a website associated with it. In this site you can find the episodes and listen directly from the Internet browser you use (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.)

    If you already know the name of the podcast you want to listen to, you can use the search option to find it in one of these mentioned alternatives. You can also search by the author, or the theme that covers the podcast.

    And if I like it, what should I do?

    First, if you enjoy the podcast's episodes, it is advisable to subscribe. In each of the options to listen to a podcast that we mentioned above, there is an option to subscribe, many times with a button visible next to the information of the podcast.

    Second, share it on social networks. The work done by a podcaster (a person who creates a podcast) is usually free. And he/she requires the support and growth of his/her audience in order to generate revenue and cover the production costs of the podcast. Each Share, each Like, each subscription, are very appreciated.

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