What is Pranic Healing?

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Pranic Healing has been around for many years.  But what is it all about? Pranic Healing is a modality highly tested, that uses “prana” to balance, harmonize and transform the energy processes in the body.  “Prana” in Sanskrit means “life force” and can be obtained from the air, the earth and the sun.  The Chinese  knows it as “Chi”.

When using Pranic Healing the healer removes the energy blockages in the body allowing the body to heal itself faster.  Pranic Healing does not pretend to replace conventional medicine, but complement it.

For me, it all started as one more seminar that I went with some friends.  They were very interested in the topic and since I had nothing else to do, I joined them.  After the class was over, I got home in PR and spoke to a friend living in the US.  He was hurting from a 70 mile bike run.  Even though he was used to riding 70 miles, he was also used to feel the muscle pain after every ride.  Being excited from the recent two day class, I offered to provide a healing, at a distance, of course with no guarantees.

And via the phone, I performed my first healing, with my notes by my side in order to validate I was executing each step as per the pre established protocol.  It took me like 40 minutes and then the wait until next day to find out the outcome.  Somewhat nervous, I called the next day. And as you can imagine, my friend said that no t only he had not muscular discomfort, he was able to work hard in the garden, a chore he would have never considered to do a day after running 70 miles.

That is how my career as a Healer started.  One case a time, one advance course after another.  I learned to work more complex cases, including breaking kidney stones, lowering arthritis pain, and even cases to lower stress, depression, anxiety and addictions.  When I saw that a friend’s sore throat went away; when another friend realized she did not stressed out as usual, when a two year old son from another friend stopped coughing and slept all night, when he had Crup, I was completely convinced.  Pranic Healing does work.

We are energy and if we learn to identify and eliminate energy blockages, we can help our body heal.  Let it flow.


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