Makeup can cause cancer too?

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It seems that every day more and more products can cause cancer.  You might ask yourself, then why do I exercise, eat healthy and meditate?

We already knew that processed meals have unhealthy chemicals and thus are not recommended for those who want a healthy body.  We have heard about seeds and foods that are genetically modified and their negative consequences.  We learned that buying local and buying organic foods should be better.

Recent studies show numerous toxics in the plastics and  makeup.  The most impressive, for me, is that companies with big interests do not want the public to find out.  But since my point is to look for solutions, let me tell you there are other companies that have taken action and have made significant changes.

At Integrated Holistic Wellness we can advise you about which products are good for your health.  There are excellent makeup products in the market that will not harm you, free of carcinogens.  And if you are pregnant, beware, toxics do pass on in the blood to the baby via the umbilical cord.  Change brands and take a step towards a healthy body.  Your body will thank you.


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