Juicing, the Good and the not so Good

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juicingOur body is wonderful!  It is amazing how different organs, hormones and systems interact between each other.  Sometimes we abuse of our bodies and ingest toxins unwillingly, and sometimes without even knowing it.

How do we ingest these toxins?  Through the air we breathe, the water, makeup, the detergents we use to clean our homes and wash our clothes, and of course, through foods.  The new trend of Juicing states that it is the perfect alternative to “cleanse” our bodies from all these toxins.

It makes a lot of sense to help our organs to do the famous “detox” or “cleanse”, especially taking into consideration that as time goes by, the liver, for example, has an overload of toxins, receiving more at a faster rate than eliminating them, forcing the liver to cleanse by recycling these toxins back into the blood stream.  In addition to the liver, it is important to clean the fat cells, where all toxins are deposited.  When you have a imbalance due to not having a clean body, the immunologic system is compromised, causing diseases or conditions.  Then we see the different systems interacting and being affected, completely opposite to our goal.

In addition to cleansing our bodies, Juicing can bring, if done properly, many benefits like, losing weight, cleaning your skin, making your fingernails and hair stronger, improving your digestion, obtaining mental clarity, improving your immune system and more.

WATCH OUT.  The problem may be at how you do Juicing and for how long.  The following list identifies some errors that I frequently see.

  1. Juicing is NOT a lifestyle.  You must have a purpose and it should last an average between 3 to 7 days.  There is a different detox for the liver, for the stomach, for the gut, etc.  You have to understand where you should and must start at and its implications.
  2. If you are going to consume fruits, please use a maximum of 1/2 cup.  Otherwise, you might be putting too much sugar into your body, an error as bad as ingesting toxins.  Do not use any commercial juice.  Read the label so you can see how much sugar an 8oz serving has, equivalent to one day’s sugar serving.
  3. Jucing can bring nutritional deficiencies if you do not know the proper foods combination.  It is important to include a variety of vegetables.  A good guide is to combine all vegetable and fruits’ colors, providing a good nutrients combination.
  4. When finishing the detox, you should be aware of what foods you will ingest and how, otherwise they can harm your body and/or make you gain more weight than the one you lost.  Avoid foods that are acid, like coffee and alcohol, or that cause allergies, like dairy,  sugar and gluten, and opt for alkaline foods, like quinoa, nuts, olive oil, and vegetables and fruits low in sugar.
  5. Juicing can cause stress in your stomach.  This is due to the fact that digestion starts in the mouth, with the union of the saliva with the food, creating a chemical reaction of an enzyme required for the next step in digestion, which happens in the stomach.  If you do not chew your food in the mouth, this first required step is skipped.
  6. During the days that you are Juicing, avoid heavy exercise.

In my opinion, I prefer smoothies over juicing, for two simple reasons.  First, a smoothie is thicker and allows me to keep it for a few seconds in my mouth, allowing the digestive process to start where it should, in the mouth.  Secondly, the smoothie contains all the fiber from the vegetables and fruits, so necessary for precisely a good cleanse, while juicing does not provide any fiber.

If you suffer from any medical condition, consult your physician before attempting Juicing.  The opinion shared in this article does not attempt to replace your doctor’s advise.  If you would like to consult with me on how to cleanse your body or how to eat healthy, you may contact me know at tere@bienestarintegrado.com.  If you have a medical condition, I suggest you listen to Dr. Roberto Román Juliá, specialist in Alternative Medicine.

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