Holistic Bootcamp 2016

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Finally, we have a set a date for the 2016 Holistic Bootcamp.  It will be on September 24th and 25th.  If you participated last year, you know it was a success.

This year, we are nine facilitators speaking during two days, about several topics, including yoga, tai chi, happiness, exercises, nutrition, functional medicine, meditation and others.  In addition, we will have a delicious and healthy menu for your well being.

In my case, as a Health Coach, I will be speaking of what is good for us.  So many people focus on what is bad for us.  Others like to repeat what people say, without having the facts.  My presentation will focus on the positive and will present the evidence of studies that prove what is good for us.  What is good for me can be poison for you.  That is why, I will be presenting how you can identify and choose those foods that are good for you.  In addition to nutrition, I  will include topics like exercises, holistic modalities and topics that can be seen with a new focus like functional medicine does.

Come and share with us at the Holistic Bootcamp 2016.  There is a special offer for the first people buying their tickets and for those coming in couples.  Take advantage of this offer!

Buy your ticket at https://www.facebook.com/holisticbootcamp/

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