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The castor oil is extracted from Ricinus communis (castor bean) plant and has been used since Egyptian times as a cathartic (laxative) and a promoter child birth. Today, its main use is topically since it has healing properties like anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and helps major gastrointestinal disorders. Among the most successful applications for the “castor oil” include:

1. Pain

2. Inflammation

3. Gases

4. Constipation

5. Detox

6. fibrocystic breast disease

7. Skin Tonic

The active component of castor oil is ricinoleic acid having properties similar to capsaicin. In addition, it supports the immune system by increasing T cells (body defense) and other defense cells of our body. It reduces the proliferation of bacteria, viruses and fungi in our system, making it a useful tool in the management of infections. In my experience, castor oil has been used successfully to manage menstrual cramps and the well known “PMS”. By combining castor oil with other anti-inflammatory herbs to be used topically, we cause a comforting effect on those difficult days for most women.

It is important to point out that castor oil can be harmful to your health when used incorrectly. For this reason, its use should be supervised by your doctor or health care professional, trained in this area.

For more information about this natural therapy, please contact our clinic, Integrative Optimal Health of Puerto Rico at (787) 722-0412 / (787) 238-9950 for an appointment for a complete evaluation of your health.


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Naturopathic Doctor Licensed / Puerto Rico
Alternative/Complementary Medicine
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