Seminar: Transform Yourself and Find Your Solution

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2016 is a year of transformation.  In this seminar you will learn the steps for you to follow to establish a plan of action and accomplish the transformation that will take you to live a harmonious life, reaching your goals.  We will do several exercises that will help you identify the obstacles that you have right now and the best way to solve them.  If you take this Seminar with a follow up session, you will have the right to a meeting, at a discounted price, one month after the seminar in order to review your goals and modify your plan of action.

This Seminar is $50 per person and will be offered at the Esfera Dorada in San Juan.  A follow up meeting is quoted at $60 per person.

This Seminar will be provided by:

Marisol Ríos
Master Crystal Healer

Tommy Gonzalez
Master Crystal Healer

Tere Beard
Health Coach and Pranic Healer

Make your reservation. Seminar is $50 per person. Seminar with follow up session is $90 per person (discounted from $110 per person)

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