5 Elements Workshop

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Balance your life with delicious food! The concepts of this workshop are based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurveda where food is the first and best medicine with recipes adapted to a modern lifestyle.

All things in the world can be divided into five vibratory families and elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. In the body, these Five Elements represent the five main organs – the kidneys, the Liver, the Heart, the Spleen / Stomach / Pancreas and the Lungs – all of which are necessary for survival.

In the Five Element system, it is important to balance these elements inside and outside for optimum health. Learning how to balance the five elements of food helps ensure that you get enough nutrients from what you eat and support the corresponding organs. One of the best ways to create balance in the body is to eat more food that corresponds to all five flavors: salty, bitter, bitter, sweet and salty, spicy or umami in a way that most suits your personal needs.

This Workshop combines the expertise and guidance of Martha Magallanes (Health Coach)- with the creativity, passion and knowledge from our friends from Que Viva Foods! To provide a one of a kind opportunity at improving your overall health and life altogether. Change starts with choices… choose to join us, a better life awaits.

Provided by: Martha Magallanes, Health Coach and Chefs Melissa Montañez and Eloy Berlingeri from Que Viva for Food

$50 per person

Make your reservation at El Atelier Cocina Abierta.

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