Are you beautiful? Do you look beautiful? Do you feel beautiful?

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Each one of these questions takes us to talk about a different topic.  Looking beautiful is not the same thing as being beautiful. Looking beautiful is not the same as feeling beautiful.

There are people that look beautiful and do not feel as such.  And viceversa, there are people that feel beautiful even though they do not look as such.

In my case, I like looking beautiful and more important, feeling beautiful.  In order to look beautiful, I use natural creams and makeup, free of toxic chemicals. In addition, I eat nutritious foods that are healthy for me, and help me keep a healthy looking skin.  As a result, makeup complements my skin and makes it look even more radiant.

On the other hand, I use holistic tools that help me accept who I am and feel beautiful.  And when I nourish with foods that clean my body of toxics, it is easier to connect with my higher self.  When my organs function in harmony, when I accept who I am, my body does not require medications, is beautiful inside and it feels wonderful.

I learned exercises with Ma Prem Bhama that make me feel beautiful while with Marielena Ramírez I learned to look beautiful. Come and share with us on May 1st at the Esfera Dorada.  As a Health Coach, I will talk to you about nutrition that is good for you, and between the three of us, we will talk to you about how you can be Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside.

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