Now you see, now you don’t: burn is gone

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fotolia_77427144Being used to talking about wellness, I love to share the many benefits essential oils provide. A very versatile essential oil is tea tree oil. Not only it helps eliminating fungus, bacteria and viruses, it is an excellent treatment for burns.

I proved it recently, while cooking I burned my finger. A blister appeared immediately and I felt a throbbing pain on the tip of my finger. Putting the finger under cold water did not help. I followed my own advice and applied a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil.

Like a magic trick, the blister disappeared and the throbbing pain as well. There was no evidence of a blister. I touched my finger and could not feel any pain or discomfort.

Now you know, keep a bottle of tea tree essential oil (100% pure) handy. You can put a couple of drops in the water to clean and disinfect the floor, you can mix it with a little coconut oil to eliminate fungus in your skin, it improves acne, and if you burn, a couple of drops directly on the burn will do wonders.

If you want to know more about natural remedies with essential oils, contact me.



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