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When you work you wish you had time to enjoy life. When you retire you wish you had a job to feel useful. When you want to lose weight you get on a drastic diet to lose in 10 days what you have gained in 10 years. You then stop dieting and gain more than you what you lost. When you come back from vacation, you say you need a vacation to rest from vacations you just took. When you are student you can't wait to work so you can have money. When you work, you miss being a student, because you realize you had a balanced life, you had time to work, go on vacation, think, enjoy, share with friends, meditate and talk about what having a happy life and a better planet means.

So, how can you go back to a balanced life? In a balanced way. Pretending to go from 0 to 100 in no time, does not guarantee good results. Pretending to lose those pounds in 10 days, is not healthy. Wanting to visit all those cities in a week while on vacation, is a big load. Pretending to obtain that better position at work, just because you have been working there a long time, cannot be justified. Establishing your own business and become a millionaire in one year, has a low probability. Pretending to have a fit body in a month is not real. The truth is, everything requires planning, determination and above all balance. To reach your goal you need to work and you need to enjoy your life. 

Do not get confuse, I am not saying that while you are obtaining balance in your life you can procrastinate. Nor that you cannot obtain all your goals. I am saying that some goals, after reaching them, in order to maintain them, you should do it in a balanced way. Otherwise, in the process of obtaining them, you can get burned too quickly. Follow the example of a marathoner, that finds his/her pace and maintains it, rather than running as fast as he/she can right from the start.

To obtain balance, I suggest you take the following steps:

    1. Think about what you want in life
    2. Identify what makes you happy
    3. Write down what are your short term and long term goals.
    4. For each goal,
      • Identify the steps you need to take to accomplish the goal.
      • Evaluate if you can make it alone or if you need help.
      • Set a date for completing each step.
    5. Do one step at a time. One minor change at a time.
    6. Get help or support.
    7. Forgive yourself if you fail and try again.
    8. Measure your progress.
    9. Don't let anyone steal your dream.
    10. Be happy.

    Do you need help defining and achieving your plan to obtain Balance? Let me know your thoughts.

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