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frutaLearning how to Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner, Increasing the Trust in Yourself

Studies show that six out of every 10 adolescents are overweight or obese, increasing the risk of developing diabetes and other health problems.  Nevertheless, there are other problems, like metal/emotional well being, which these adolescents could have in the long run, situations we do not talk about and thus do not properly integrate in the weight loss programs, particularly among children and teenagers.

Most of the times what makes a teenager gain weight is not what they are eating but how they feel, believe or emotional detonators that trigger them to eat.  If one person believes that something will make them gain weight, then for certain it will make him/her gain weight, because we create our own reality.

In my professional experience, I have encountered that many students who are overweight, have unresolved emotional issues. Loneliness feelings, non appreciative and impotence are only some of the reasons associated with this “emotional hunger”.  Most of the teenagers that are overweight, are not conscious that these extra fat layers have shielded them emotionally to protect themselves from unwanted threats y demands from their environment.  There are past programming and models, imposed o passed on by generations; eating and/or drinking in excess, like candy, eating at off hours; that help strengthen old eating habits. In addition, there are those that are affected by lack of love, or not receiving what they need from either their parents, partners or significant other, and look in food this phenomenon that is occurring with children and adolescents.

We can conclude that not only young adults but most of the people with weight problems have feelings of fear or they feel unprotected, or feel lack of care, or feel failure or even rejected, ending in food becoming the medicine to reduce these negative feelings.  In most cases it becomes difficult, without the proper guidance and follow ups, to transform negative thoughts into positive ones, just like achieving a healthy life style, an outcome of great efforts, becoming permanent.

I am a Clinical/Industrial Psychologist, entrepreneur, like challenges and am creative in problem solving.  I enjoy working with adults, groups of women, teenagers and communities.  I developed a Wellness Program for the student community of the Medical Science Campus (Recinto de Ciencias Medicas) with the purpose of allowing the to learn to be conscious of healthy lifestyles, integrating all of our human being dimensions, intellectual, emotional, and physiological.  I am enthusiastic about my work, keeping physically agile and healthy, and living the wellness I teach.  Handling being overweight which bothers you is just one of many aspects that are worked with clients for the empowerment of your self esteem and well being in general.  Bringing resources and strategies that can facilitate changes in the life styles are our main goal, utilizing different therapeutic focuses like Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral, EMDR, among others.

Sandra Santori Margarida, PhD
Psicóloga #1250
Cel. 787-632-3521

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