More Than a Makeup Seminar

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Did you know that mmonarchore than 50% of women use the wrong foundation color?  Did you know if you use a light concealer under your eyes you will look like a Panda bear?  Did you know  there are foods that will help you keep a healthy and shiny skin?  Do you know the importance of making amends with your mirror?  Did you know that while you put on your makeup you can do Facial Yoga?  This and much more will be covered in our seminar Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside.

The well known makeup artist Marielena Ramírez, who has applied makeup to celebrities like Raymond Arrieta, Mark Anthony, Alejandra Guzmán, Cordelia González, and has worked with other famous people like Steven Spielberg, among others, will teach you the art of basic auto makeup techniques.  With her you will learn how to select the right tone for your foundation, how to apply it and which are the right tools to use.  How and where to apply blush and many other techniques.

On the other hand, our Health Coach, Tere Beard, will teach us which  foods you can add to your diet to make your skin healthy and shiny.

You will also learn Yoga for your Face, make amends with your mirror, to look at yourself with love while saying powerful affirmations when applying makeup.

Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside is more than a auto makeup seminar, it is an experience where you will learn to unconditionally love yourself and to feel beautiful inside which will reflect on the outside.

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